Should you Start a Small Business? Pro’s and Con’s.

Start a small business or not? Here is the short answer. Yes!

Start your own small business
thenext28days / Foter / CC BY
thenext28days / Foter / CC BY


Who should start their own small business? YOU SHOULD.

Will you succeed? Maybe. Statistically most small businesses “fail”. But… is going out of business necessarily failure? That depends on the metrics you use for success or failure. If you spend your life worrying and not living your life, that is honestly a bigger failure than going out and trying something new!

Most articles you read about starting a small business give you all this negative information about what you need to carefully do and if you don’t you will fail. Some have a huge list of questions that you should ask yourself first to see if you are “ready” to start a business, have the intelligence, the smarts, the tools, etc.

Let me tell ya!

Let me tell you honestly: You are NEVER ready to start a small business. Nor are we ever ready to get married, or have kids, or go to University, or any of the other big decisions we make in life. But we do make them. And sometimes they turn out well and sometimes badly. And we never know which way it is going to go no matter how much we plan or think ahead.

I have started many small businesses in my life and quite a few have failed. And some have succeeded and some should have and didn’t because I did something really stupid.

But I did it and I am proud of it and I provided employment and fought wars and battles and lost some and won some. And at the end of the day, I am still alive and much happier for having tried and have stories to tell my kids.

I’m proud of my Dad!

My father always was trying new businesses and frequently failed. But as a result, all his kids became entrepreneurs. My one sister had a magnificently successful restaurant and has been involved in some really intriguing businesses. My oldest sister, in my eyes, has been magnificently successful.

None of us have university degrees.

In fact 3 of us never graduated high school. But I can promise you that due to the volume of “stuff” we have read over the years to manage our businesses, we have a far broader and more useful education than most people graduating with MBAs!

My brother’s business is on the verge of a breakout success. I am proud of him!

So… what’s the verdict?

So, should you read all the negative hoola about starting a small business, all the warnings, all the negativity? Yes. You should. But should you allow it to affect your decision to start a small business? Resoundingly NO! Splurge! Do it! Go baby! Jump in! I’m rootin’ for ya!

If you succeed, you will feel great! If you fail, hey! That’s not the end of the world! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, walk it off, stop crying, hey that’s life! Get a new idea and go again!