Your Second Biggest Sales Mistake and how to avoid it

We all can make a Sales Mistake

A small sales mistake can cost us the deal.

“Back in the day…”

“I used to have to walk uphill there AND back, in the snow, with no shoes…”

No, it’s not that kind of story, but really, back in the day when they wrote all the old sales books and sales advice there was one thing that they drilled into sales people’s heads … Always be enthusiastic.

Now, with all due respect and regards to those old sales masters, I am here to tell you that this is one piece of advice that you can just scrap. Yup… take that concept and hit the “delete” button in your head.

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Enthusiastic Salesman - a sales mistake
Always be enthusiastic is the biggest lie in sales!高智能 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA
Always be enthusiastic is the biggest lie in sales!高智能 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Back in the day, we had just won the Second World War, the economy looked great, employment was abundant and the future was just rosy! Of course people were happy. The news had no chance to depress them yet and so if you arrived all depressed trying to sell them something, you were not well received.


“How do you like them apples..?”

There is this lady sitting in her house mourning the loss of her husband and you walk in there all enthusiastically and say, “Let’s go party!”. How do you think she is going to receive this enthusiasm on your part? Not too well, right?

Likewise, if you just won the lottery and are “over the moon” about it and come home to see everyone in the house looking completely gloomy and depressed, what happens to your mood?

In this case, opposites do NOT attract!

People can handle someone being at roughly the same emotion that they are in. If your emotional level is too high or too low, you will receive a bad response.

So where is the Average Westerner today? Are they highly enthusiastic, or a bit on the gloomy side? Well, judging by the phenomenal sales of the pharmaceutical companies, especially of their anti-depressants, I am just going to hazard a guess that it is not enthusiasm!

The fact is, today, mild interest or boredom is more easily tolerated by the public at large than enthusiasm.

Observe your prospect

When you approach that next prospect, take the time to see where he is and approach him at the same emotion or slightly higher. Don’t overwhelm him with enthusiasm. You will terrify the poor fella and make him not trust you. In fact, he just might think that you are out to kill him!

Have you ever observed a kid that is a bit on the timid side? If you approach that kid enthusiastically, he is making a bee line for his mother’s skirt to hide under!

On the other hand, a small and timid smile on your part followed by looking away, and then looking back shyly yourself and smiling again will draw the kid out. If you slowly raise your emotional level, he will follow along until the kid is happily interacting with you.

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We can learn a lot about adults by observing children. Don’t make this sales mistake!