How Google hurts Small Business – How to beat Google

Yes – Google hurts Small Business.

Google hurts Small Business – there. I have said it!

Google hurts Small Business
Google Hurts Small Business – Staying ahead is Critical


In the days before Google, if someone wanted to open a small business, they went ahead and registered their business, called the phone company and ordered phone lines, and then they would get a phone call from Yellow Pages and place an ad.

Other advertising was placed in local papers and quite simply, they were in business. They didn’t have to be tech savvy, nor did they have to live in fear that their advertising source would be cut off.

A typical ad in the Yellow Pages was not that expensive and it lasted an entire year.

A.G. – After Google

Now that we are in the era After Google, the small business owner HAS to have a website. Now that website needs to be able to be read on all mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

If your website cannot be easily read on any internet/computer platform, Google punishes you.

A small business is hoping against hope these days that he can get on the front page of a search. If he cannot, his business could fail.

If Google changes the algorithm awarding front page status, and he doesn’t find out, his business could dry up overnight. He is at the mercy of Google.

Google is definitely the Gorilla in the business and anyone that has any familiarity with the internet knows that they are the King. Sure, there are other search engines such as Yahoo, and Bing. But they constitute a small minority of the searches.

The problem is that Google, being run by a bunch of Techies, think that anyone who is not a techie is of no consequence, apparently.

Read any of their advice pages about how to do something to improve your search status and you will quickly fall asleep if you are a small businessman.

Now somehow, aside from running your small business, you are required to be a guru in coding and high tech so you can stay on the front page of search engines.

Google plays God

Google even threatens to punish you if you get too smart!

If you figure a way around their intentions for their algorithms and they discover that you did so, they can decide to just relegate your entire business to the back of the queue. And there you go – instant death!

Honestly, that kind of thing ought to be legislated against. Because Google has far too much power there.

Now, let’s be fair. Google has provided a lot of tools for small business to level the playing field with big business.

However,  you cannot stay in business if you cannot market and sell.  All the tools in the world are of little help if you are dead because you cannot get noticed by your clients.

Google hurts Small Business!

BIG GOVERNMENT is murdering small business.

Government is killing Small Business

As they say, you can’t fight City Hall especially as a small business.

But small business owners around the country are being horribly failed by Government.

In fact, one could more honestly say that they are not being failed by Big Government, but are being actively murdered instead.

The Small Business Administration is no different. Truthfully, as someone who has operated small businesses for 40 years, I can honestly say that the SBA is more of a hindrance than a help.

The SBA includes companies of up to 500 employees as a small business. And frankly, that is where they concentrate their efforts.

Show me a small business operator of under 10 staff that has ever even been surveyed by the SBA, never mind ever been helped.

Consequently, they actually distort the image of small business and their actions hurt rather than help as a result.

Government is killing Small Business.

Over 50% of the working population works in a small business yet small businesses generate 65% of new jobs.

There are almost 28 million small businesses in the USA. But small businesses are closing faster than new ones are opening.

When have we EVER heard of a politician talking about small businesses and getting them the help they need?

40% of small businesses say that Bookkeeping and Taxes are the WORST THING about running a small business. The next highest category for worst thing is finding capable employees.

When politicians talk about the difference between the rich and the poor and income disparity, they are not talking about small business creating this, they are talking about the effect of BIG business and how big business has people earning billions and getting richer and richer while their average employee gets poorer and poorer.

Your small businessman next door is certainly not garnering all that wealth in his pocket.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t a Clue, and nor does Donald Trump!

Hillary Clinton thinks that the best thing to do to equal the inequality of income is to create a $15 minimum wage, yet what will that do to small business? As a business consultant, I can genuinely state that the average small business person is worked to death. There is somewhat of a culture of entitlement in the USA. That culture creates the second problem that small business owners face which is the poor quality of staff.

The small business owner is working overtime just to ensure he has money to pay his employees. As it stands, he is taking home, quite frequently, less than his top paid employees just to keep the doors open hoping for better things down the line. He is constantly on the prowl for funds and how he can manage just to make payroll. And now you are going to raise the minimum wage? How is that going to help?

Unless Government does something to cut his costs, provide a better educated employee, or provide a simplified tax system for that small business owner, all the increase in minimum wages will do is kill hundreds of thousands of small businesses.

And put an awful lot of people out of work!

Big business might afford an increase in minimum wages however small business owners can ill afford it.

Government Makes Policies based only on Big Business.

Have you ever heard of any politician inviting real small business owners to the White House to discuss their problems and what can be done to improve conditions for them?

No? Neither has this writer.

However, Big Business has daily meetings with politicians to bend the laws in their favour. And where is the SBA? Nowhere in sight. In fact, the SBA is never talking to small business either – unless of course they have 500 employees!.

The Government is Corrupt

We look at Hillary and the money she and her husband make for giving a speech. Ever what she pays her daughter for a speech is preposterous.

The system stinks.

This corrupt Government allows for millions of dollars to be paid by the worlds rich to gain the ear of politicians. And there is no corruption here?

Small business creates 65% of new jobs, and with more than half the population employed in one, where is Government?

They are clearly in the pockets of Big Business and small business struggles along and are the real building blocks of America today.

The Government is small business’s worst enemy, and is Big Business’s best friend. It is not the way it should be!

The Race for the White House

Does Donald Trump really want to win the White House? Then perhaps he ought to start showing some real concern for the biggest employer in the USA  and not be worried about what China is doing.