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Some words about us

We are your go-to place to get your business up and running for less!

What we do?

We provide Bookkeeping, Telephone Answering Services, Website Design, Lead Generation, Sales Support, Back-end Administration and much more to Small Businesses and Start-up businesses.

Why Small Businesses and Startups? 

We want to grow with you. And because we want to grow with you, we offer all kinds of other services for your business to help you grow.

Why Use Us?

With more than 40 years experience in growing small businesses, we have the experience to ensure that your small business succeeds. We are constantly evaluating new technologies, keeping abreast of trends, and hiring the best and the brightest to research, brainstorm and help our small business clients.



Why choose us?

Lower cost

We will ensure your profits increase, your personal workload decreases and your costs are minimized

Highly Qualified Staff

Most of our staff are University Graduates or College graduates. We hire them based on their intelligence, innovation, dedication and zest for life.

What other advantages do we offer?

Our Executive Team are all experienced small business owners and have extensive experience. We know what you need to succeed and we intend to deliver it!

Discover more about us

We strive to find the best solutions for your business to cut your costs and improve your professionalism.

And we can save you thousands of dollars in accounting costs.

We can do your graphic design, create your logos, schedule appointments, build your websites, do software development and virtually anything else a small business needs to grow. But most of all, we will work with you to ensure success!

Talk to us! Tell us your needs and your dreams. Let us help you reach the stars!

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Our Philosophy

We believe that Small Business is a vital part of America’s future. And we believe that Small Business deserves the same opportunities to save money in this Brave Global Economy as large businesses do.

We aim to help you achieve economic parity with the big boys! Let us help you to take advantage of a Global Economy as much as the Fortune 500 companies do.

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We can build your website too!

We want to help you with everything you need to make your business successful. Let us help you with website design!

Responsive Design

Today, web devices are becoming more commonly used. Almost everyone has a smart phone or a tablet. Web sites need to be responsive so that they can be viewed on any device. Let us help you create a responsive website design.

Web Marketing

Just having a pretty website design is not enough. Your website needs to be found. We can help you make that happen.

Desktop Friendly

Although a lot of viewers will be looking at your website design on modern devices, the good old desktop computer is still responsible for a lot of traffic. We will make sure that it is not forgotten!

Very Easy to Customize

Once we build your website, we will make sure that you can change it as your business changes.

Clients Loving

We want your clients to look at your website and love it! We will ensure that it is easy to use, inviting and friendly.


We are not just going to forget you once it is built. We will continue to support your website as long as you need us to!

Frequently asked questions

How do you go about helping me?

The heart of your business is your finances. We work with you to get your finances onto proper Accounting Software that can give you Inventory control, Invoicing, Estimates, On-line payment for your clients and yes, even track the business mileage on your car. Once we have your finances sorted out, we use this to see where you are wasting money, how you can cut your costs, where you can increase your profits, etc. We become your CFO and all at an incredibly reasonable cost. We are so sure you will benefit that we offer a complete money back guarantee!

How do I afford the extra cost?

When you use our services, there really is no extra cost. In fact, we will lower your cost – guaranteed. The services we perform we actually reduce what you are spending now and you will get a whole lot more.

Cloud Accounting Software

What you can accomplish with Cloud based Accounting Software will amaze you. It is the difference between driving the first Model-T Ford and a modern car today. Both are cars, but a modern car is far easier to handle.

Small Business Ideas – Latest from the Blog

Here are our latest articles about how to save money when
starting a new business or running a small business.

Join the Global Economy – Compete with the World

Today, businesses need to be competitive. Large corporations are taking advantage of the Global Economy to save money. Small Business needs to keep up or be out-priced by the larger companies.


Unless small business takes advantage of the global economy they will not remain competitive with small businesses overseas or with competitors within their own country.

It is not enough to have a good idea for a business. Making every penny you earn and invest back into your business count is a huge key to success.

We can provide Customer Service Reps, Website Design, Brochure and Logo design,Bookkeeping, Legal Research, Answering Service and more.

My Cyberstaff is your go-to place to reduce costs and improve service.

If you need full-time staff in your back office, call us first. Whether you need someone for an hour, a few minutes or as a permanent member of your team, we are here to help.

Call us and let us help you cut costs, improve service, LOOK BIGGER AND MORE PROFESSIONAL and compete in today’s global economy!

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